ISIL defeat due to sacrifices of Shrine Defender martyrs

MNA – The Commander of Iran’s Basij Resistance Force Gholamhossein Gheybparvar said Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei is a prominent cleric in the Islamic world.

Speaking among reporters in Urmia late on Tuesday, senior IRGC officer Gholamhossein Gheybparvar said Basi has come to the quake-stricken Kermanshah from the early hours of the incident to help the injured and the displaced people.

“The relief phase has been completed to the injured people of Kermanshah and Basij is running a home-building project for earthquake survivors,” he noted, adding “to provide temporary shelters, Basij has dispatched hundreds of container homes to the quake-hit areas.”

Elsewhere in his speech, Gheybparvar pointed to the leadership of the clerics in confronting the ISIL terrorist group, and said “one of the factors behind the destruction of the Takfiri group of ISIL was the sacrifices made by Shrine Defenders on the battlefields.”

He also underlined that more than 4,000 cleric martyrs have sacrificed their lives for the Islamic Revolutionary Movement.

Referring to the unity of clerics in defense of the ideals of the Revolution, Gheybparvar noted that Shia and Sunni clerics defended the ideals and values of the Revolution.