Iranian Navy’s 49th fleet berths at Bangladesh port

FNA- The forty-Ninth fleet of the Iranian Navy warships arrived in Bangladesh to join joint military drills in the Indian Ocean.

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced on Sunday that the Iranian fleet of warships comprising Sabalan destroyer and Bandar Abbas naval logistics vessel docked at Bangladeshi harbor to take part in maritime rescue exercise in the Indian Ocean.

“The exercise will be conducted under the supervision of the Bangladeshi navy in the Bay of Bengal, and it will continue for two days, and its related news will be released,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi told reporters.

He said that the colonial and arrogant powers always look for domination and influence in the countries under the pretext of navy exercises, but Iran only wants to help other countries based on religious and humanitarian beliefs and teachings.

A senior delegation from the navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran army led by Amir Admiral II Bahram Askarian arrived in Bangladesh on Sunday and upon their arrival in the country they were greeted in Dhaka by the country’s military officials and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambassador to Bangladesh.

In addition to the maritime exercise, this delegation will also attend the extraordinary meeting of the commanders and members of the Indian Ocean Symposium.