Iran Majlis to debate membership of religious minorities in city councils

IRNA – Iranian lawmakers on Sunday approved double urgency of a bill for membership of religious minorities and followers of all divine religions in the city and village councils.

The bill secured 154 yes votes, 23 no votes, and 10 abstention.

A total of 204 lawmakers were present at the parliament session.

According to the bill submitted to the Majlis, the religious minorities have the right to nominate candidates for the city and village councils elections.

The Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes the rights of religious minorities based on its Constitution. All Iranian citizens are equal in benefiting from their basic rights within legal frameworks.

At present, out of 290 seats in the Iranian Parliament (Majlis), five lawmakers are from religious minorities. Zoroastrians and Jews, each has one representative, Assyrian and Chaldean Christians have one representative overall, and Christians living in the south and north of Iran, each has one representative in Majlis.

City and village councils in Iran are elected by direct vote of people. They choose the mayors of cities and run the everyday affairs of the cities, towns and villages.