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Interior min. calls for tougher measures against MKO in Europe

Secretary General of the Drugs Control Headquarters Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli

MNA – In a meeting with European parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iran, Iran’s interior minister called for taking a stronger position on behalf of European countries against the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

Chairman of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iran Janusz Lewandowski met with Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli in Tehran.

In the meeting, the interior minister first thanked the EU Parliamentary delegation and the European delegation over their sympathies with the recent earthquake victims in western Iran and announced that “more than 40,000 houses have been rebuilt so far and within a month we will provide every family with a temporary settlement and we hope every family in the area have their own house rebuilt within a year or so.”

The minister also touched upon the issue of implementation of the nuclear deal, saying “we are happy with European position so far and we will abide by the Iran’s agreement with the world.”

Also in this regard Rahmani Fazli stated that “we consider the deal to be an international, not a bilateral or multilateral, treaty, which can be cancelled with the withdrawal of a country.”

He said that those who signed the deal within the framework of the UN Security Council, will be judged by public opinion around the world in case of breaking their promises in the deal.

Furthermore, in the meeting Rahmani Fazli talked about the issue of migration as one of the major concerns for Iran and said that, “Iran’s geopolitical position is such that we face some important issues in this regard and terrorists are among the problems that we have faced for years.”

“Despite the insecurities we face in our borders with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran is a safe and secured country,” he asserted.

The interior minister emphasized that “no country has helped Iran in its counter-narcotics fight, even when we wanted to buy X-ray materials and equipment dogs, they did not allow these products to enter Iran because of the sanctions that Europe and the United States had imposed.”

He added that “unfortunately, terrorists and drug traffickers have strengthen their ties and drugs have been a source of income for the terrorists over the past four years. So if we want peace, freedom, equality and justice in the world, we must all plan for it and take necessary measures.”

He said that “over the past four years, unfortunately, terrorists and drug traffickers have been tied together and drugs have been funded by terrorists, so if we want a world of peace, freedom and equality and justice, we must all plan for it.”

Referring to crimes that have been committed by the MKO terrorist organization, he stated that “Iran itself has been a victim of terrorist crimes and Iranian officials have been martyred so far in the assassinations that have been carried out by the MKO terrorist organization (or hypocrites as they are called in Iran)”. He called for taking tougher measures against the MKO’s dangerous terrorists in Europe.

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