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President Rouhani attends Sochi trilateral meeting on Syria

November 23, The Iran Project – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday (Nov 22) to participate in tripartite summit attended by his Russian and Turkish presidents which was aimed at examining results of Astana Talks and start of political process inside Syria.

During his day-long visit, President Rouhani addressed the trilateral meeting and also held separate talks with his Russian and Turkish counterparts on issues of mutual interests.

He also attended a joint press conference attended by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Addressing the trilateral meeting, President Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran’s policy in the region is based on promotion of cooperation and friendship and there is no room for any confrontation, adding that Iran is ready to help any country in the region asking for help, President Rouhani said.

In a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rouhani stressed on the importance of developing economic and trade relations between Iran and Turkey, emphasizing on taking advantage of all potentials to develop bilateral, regional and international relations between Iran and Turkey.

Erdoğan for his part said Turkey is determined to promote all-out ties with Iran.

Talking to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, President Rouhani hailed Tehran-Moscow bilateral, regional and international cooperation in line with diplomatic settlement of crises and challenges, calling for promoting regional peace and underlining the need for bolstering all-out relations in various sectors.

Expressing concern over Yemen situation, he called for international efforts to end massacre of people in the impoverished country.

Putin, for his part, noted that Tehran-Moscow ties will further improve in areas of mutual interest, stressing that there are suitable areas for collaboration between Iran and Russia.

In a joint press conference with Putin, Iranian president called for establishment of a Syrian-Syrian national congress involving all ethnic groups, religions and parties to discuss the future of Syria.

President Rouhani added that  during the meeting, Iran, Russia and Turkey openly expressed their views and the main goal following the session is to bring together all Syrian tribes and parties, including the proponents and opponents of the incumbent government, to deal with the future of their country.

Finally, President Rouhani backed Tehran late on Wednesday (Nov 22).

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