Saudi Arabia seeks to turn back clock on Iran

Al-Monitor | : The abrupt resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri during a trip to Saudi Arabia earlier this month and the events surrounding his presence in Riyadh appear to have increased Iran-Saudi tensions and brought to the fore the possibility of a new military confrontation in the region.

The recent developments come just over one year after the deal that ended a 2½-year political vacuum in Lebanon, whereby former army commander Michel Aoun became president and Hariri prime minister. Yet it seems Lebanon is once again entering a new crisis, and once again with the seeming hallmarks of foreign interference.

Hariri’s odd resignation on Nov. 4 on foreign soil— particularly that of Saudi Arabia — has dealt a major shock to Lebanon’s political system. In his resignation speech, Hariri said his decision was due to Iran and Hezbollah’s meddling in Arab affairs and creating instability in Lebanon.

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