Putin discusses Syria in phone call with Trump – Kremlin

Sputnik – The Russian president has confirmed Moscow’s readiness to actively promote the long-term political settlement in the war-plagued country on the basis of the bilateral and international agreements.

Speaking on phone with Trump, leaders of Russia and the United States have discussed in detail the actual Syrian problematic issues taking into account the ending military operation to defeat terrorists in Syria, according to the Kremlin.

Putin stressed that that the UN Security Council resolution 2254, arrangements reached within the Astana format and the joint statement approved by the Russian and US presidents on November 11 at the APEC summit in Vietnam will be the key documents that will be used for the restoration of peace in Syria.

“The sides discussed the necessity to preserve the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria and achieve the political settlement based on the principles, which must be worked out in the course of the broadest possible intra-Syrian negotiation process. And the Russian initiative to hold the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi is aimed at achievement of these goals,” the Kremlin press service said of the upcoming trilateral summit of the Russian, Turkish and Iranian slated for November 22.

Putin also informed Trump about the results of his recent meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, during which the Syrian leader reaffirmed his commitment to the political process, constitutional reform, as well as to hold presidential and parliamentary elections.

Russia has taken part in various diplomatic engagements with Turkey and Iran in Astana to resolve the Syrian crisis. The countries facilitate the Astana format to find the way for a political settlement in Syria. During the Astana talks Russia, Turkey and Iran with help of Jordan and the United States tried to coordinate a whole range of specifics of the the creation of 4 de-escalation zones in Syria.