Syria’s Shifting Sands: Making new alliances and breaking old ones

American Herald Tribune | STEVEN SAHIOUNIE: The Syrian Arab Army along with their allies Iran and Russia have now liberated the last remaining territory in Syria which was under the control of ISIS. This battle occurred in Abu Kamal, which is a border town on the Syrian-Iraqi border to the East.

The Iranian commander played a large role in the victory, dubbed “The Mother of all Battles”. Qassem Soleimani, is the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force, and was fighting in the battle alongside Syrian Arab Army forces, Syrian allies, and with Russian airstrikes.

Khairallah Samadi, a consultant to Qassem Soleimani, was killed during the battle.

American coalition helicopters evacuated key ISIS leaders when it appeared all was lost on the ISIS side. The terrorists who were not killed, captured, or evacuated fled to the safety of their ally, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is a Kurdish militia wholly supported by the Pres. Trump administration.

The SDF are occupying Syrian territory in the North East of Syria, which they had envisioned as a new homeland called Kurdistan.  However, the Kurdish militia in Iraq, espousing the same Kurdistan ideology, was defeated both militarily and politically by the Iraqi national government. The US military invaded Syrian territory and have set up numerous illegal bases, which are in coordination with the SDF. None of the US bases have the Syrian or UN approval. The American and SDF militia are considered hostile belligerents in Syria.

The President of Turkey feels betrayed by the US Trump administration, their former ally, because of their military support of the SDF, which is considered a terrorist organization in Turkey.  The PKK is a Kurdish terrorist group responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent unarmed civilians across Turkey, over decades of terrorist attacks, many of which had targeted Westerners visiting Turkey as tourists in seaside resorts. According to Turkey the SDF and PKK are all cut from the same cloth.

Syria still has pockets of variously named Radical terrorists, scattered around Syria, however they do not command large areas. They are supported by various foreign governments including: USA, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These governments are supporting terrorists as their ‘boots on the ground’ fighting against Syria, Iran and Russia. The Syrian conflict is not a civil war, nor a sectarian war, but it is a ‘proxy war’ pitting the Russian and Iranian influence in the Middle East, against the US and their allies, including the Arab monarchies of Persian Gulf.

The shifting sands of the Syrian Desert have made new alliances, and broken old ones. The Turkish-US alliance is broken, and now Turkey has much more in common with Russia, Iraq, Iran and Syria who are all neighbors. Turkey, Syria and Iraq all view the Kurdish militias as a serious threat to peace and regional stability.

The Turkish-Saudi-Arab Gulf alliance is broken, after Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf Monarchies declared economic and political ‘war’ on Qatar, and Turkey took the side of Qatar. When Pres. Erdogan began campaigning with his AKP party many years ago, it was Saudi Arabia who donated millions to assure he would live in the Palace in Ankara.

The American military was tasked by the Obama administration to overthrow the Syrian government, beginning in March 2011. The CIA and Pentagon knew they had to use the existing assets at hand and they could not depend on Congress to approve an invasion force of American troops. Knowing that there were hundreds of thousands of fighters around the world, and especially within the Middle Eastern region, the decision was made to use those Radical terrorists as the US supported boots on the ground. The US allies in NATO, and Australia put their stamp of approval on the plan. The strategy was to break the Syrian-Iranian alliance, and at the same time to ensure a Pro-Western government in Syria, which would ensure that the occupation of Palestine, by Israel, would go unopposed.

The conflict in Syria was about the Syrian policy of resistance to the brutal military occupation of Palestine. Syria, Iran and millions around the world adhere to an ideology of resistance. The resistance movement in Syria and the region is at least 60 years old. This ideology is ingrained in the Syrian culture, and exists independently of politics, religion, or sects.

Now the waiting begins: will the SDF, supported by USA and alongside the large group of battle hardened ISIS, begin a new offensive against the Syrian Arab Army, their regional allies, and the Russia military? If that should begin, it will be America fighting Russia in Northern Syria. Isn’t that called WW3?