Zarif urges regional states to strive for stability, peace

IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif says certain regional states should strive for peace and stability in the region, especially Syria, rather than waging war.

Zarif told IRNA after a tripartite meeting with his Russian and Turkish counterparts on Syria crisis,
‘I think the helpful process designed in connection with the achievements of the Astana meeting for campaign against terrorism and for restoration of tranquility and stability in Syria, is followed up.’

He said the Astana process showed that when influential regional countries cooperate with each other, the possibility will be provided for the three countries to address all the affairs failed to be done by other countries.

‘Eleven months of success in Syria peace talks are ahead of us as a reserve. This shows that if other regional countries reach the conclusion to have cooperation rather than following wrong policies, successful outcome will perhaps be gained.’

‘Unfortunately, such countries as Saudi regime seek dispersion and discord and due to the same reason they see nothing but difference as a result. If they reverse the course, they can contribute to regional peace instead of waging war.’

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign minister said after a meeting with Zarif and the Turkish counterpart that the meeting focused on all issues relevant to Syrian crisis.

He said the sides at the meeting discussed possibility of participation of Kurds in Syria National Dialogue Conference, which is to be held in Sochi on November 22.

He added that the Antalya meeting reached agreement on key points and the outcome of the session will be brought to the information of the three countries’ presidents.

He concluded that the Antalya session aimed to prepare the ground for the Iran-Russia-Turkey summit.