Iran finalizes financing Airbus, Boeing aircraft deals

IRNA – Sale of airplanes reserved by Iran to other customers is just a rumor and Iran has finalized financing Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Deputy Road and Urban Development Minister said.

“The purchased planes will be delivered to Iran next year,” Asqar Fakhrieh Kashan said.

Due to US President Donald Trump’s anti-Iran stance, financing aircraft has become a hot topic in media.

A news agency has claimed that since government has not been able to reach agreement with international financers concerning finance, Airbus has sold Iran’s planes to other customers.

The media also claimed that Malaysia’s AirAsia Airline, Air India, Brazilian airline and Saudi Airlines were among potential buyers of Iran’s Airbus 320 aircraft.

Although sanctions against Iran aviation industry date back to pre-sanctions era, Iran could add some sections to nuclear deal known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) regarding aviation field.

Iran has signed contracts to buy 100 Airbuses, 80 Boeing aircraft, and 20 ATR passenger planes. The planes will replace the oldest planes for domestic flights.