US Congress building

Congressman urges US to condemn Saudis’ folly attack plot on Iran

IRNA – US Congressman has urged the United States to slam Saudi Arabia attack plot against Iran, Qatari media Al Jazeera reported.

‘US should condemn it,” Al Jazeera quoted member of the US House of Representatives Ro Khanna as saying in response to a question as regard Saudi’s unreasonable attacking plot on Iran.

‘We should certainly not come to their defense if they are perpetrating an attack on Iran,” he added.

‘It would be utter folly’ for the Saudi crown prince to start a direct war with Iran,” he reiterated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khanna referred to war crimes in Yemen, saying, “’Today, I believe that we are aiding Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia’s committing war crimes.”

Human rights groups have frequently accused the Saudi-led coalition of violating basic rights of Yemeni people, as the coalition has bombarded many civilian places, including schools, factories, hospitals, and the facilities run by aid organizations.

Using forbidden weapons, such as cluster bombs, and targeting non-military places caused the UN to put the name of Saudi Arabia on the children-rights-violator list, though it was removed after less than 72 hours due to the Saudi rulers’ pressures.