Lebanese President slams Hariri’s alleged detention as breach of human rights

Sputnik News– Former Prime Minister Hariri, who is believed to be in Saudi Arabia, has previously stated on Twitter that he would return to Lebanon in the next few days.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called the alleged detention of Saad Hariri a breach of human rights, emphasizing that nothing justifies that the former prime minister has not yet returned to Lebanon.

“Nothing justifies the failure of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return for 12 days, therefore we consider him to be held and detained, contrary to the Vienna Convention,” Aoun has stated.

The statement comes just a day after Hariri has announced on Twitter that he would return to Lebanon in the next two days after he had pledged to resign officially.

Nevertheless, President Aoun has refused to accept the resignation and asked the Saudi authorities why Hariri couldn’t return home.