FM: US sued to pay $60 bln to Iran

FNA- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran and Washington have each sued the opposite party for a sum of $60bln.

“Two years ago, the final ruling of the US Supreme Court led to the freezing of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s properties in one of the US banks during the ninth administration (of Iran’s President Rohani). The Islamic Republic then approved a reciprocal law to entitle the Iranian citizens to file a lawsuit with the Iranian courts against the US criminal acts,” Zarif said, addressing the Iranian parliamentarians in Tehran on Wednesday.

“So far court verdicts have been issued in the US against Iran to pay a sum of $60bln and similar rulings have been issued in Iran against the US to pay a similar sum,” he added.

Zarif said that Iran has also lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice against the US.

In relevant remarks in 2016, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Tehran has lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice in the Hague against a recent court ruling by the US Supreme Court which authorized the transfer of $2 billion of Tehran’s frozen assets to the families of the victims of a 1983 bombing in Beirut.

“The US courts have issued illegal rulings and said that the properties should be provided to the Americans and the families of those people killed in Lebanon and it is not clear what the Americans did in Lebanon (at the time) and how the issue is related to Iran,” Rouhani said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran at the time.

“We shouldn’t remain silent vis a vis this event and we officially filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice yesterday and will pursue the case until attaining results,” he added.