US should quit obstinacy: Iran UN envoy

IRNA – The permanent representative of Iran in the United Nations said on Saturday that Iran does not recognize any authority to confirm its commitment to the nuclear deal except the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA].

‘[IAEA Director General] Yukio Amano who had come to the UN General Assembly to present the annual report [on Friday] had a visit to Washington to hold meetings with US authorities and Congress,’ Gholam-Ali Khoshrou told IRNA.

‘Amano said in the report and interviews that Iran has been complying with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the IAEA has had access to any place it had demanded,’ Khoshrou added.

According to Amano’s report, Iran has not had even the slightest lack of commitment to the agreement and has cooperated with the IAEA with complete transparency.

Saying that the UN member states appreciate Iran’s commitment and activities, Khoshrou said, ‘According to US domestic laws, the US President [Donald Trump] should have confirmed Iran’s commitment to the deal, but, based on certain non-JCPOA reasons, he abstained. However, in the eye of other JCPOA signatories and the world community, the IAEA is the only [rightful] authority to confirm Iran’s nuclear activities and we do not admit any other one for approve or disapprove our commitment.’

The envoy reiterated that Amano detailed the issue in Washington. ‘It is important for Iran that all the parties be loyal to the deal; as long as all the parties stay committed to the JCPOA, Iran will stay committed to it as well.’

‘As long as Iran is enjoying its rights and benefits from the Deal, it stays in the Deal. Iran won’t be the first country to quit the Deal, but won’t bear any of the signatories’ unilateral exit [from the Deal]. Our expectation from the other signatories of the deal and the world community is that they consider the JCPOA as a successful example of diplomacy, and try to entail all the parties to total and timely implementation of it,’ Khoshrou said.

‘Otherwise, the discourse of sanctions and threat will re-emerge, which is harmful to the world community.’

He appreciated Russia, China and other countries that try to reinforce the deal, and hoped that, based on the similar stances, ‘the US would stop being obstinate about the JCPOA and stay committed to its obligations.’