Regional nations are ready to counter Saudi plots: Iranian official

IRNA – Iran and rest of regional nations are ready to resist the Saudi plots which have existed before and will continue in future, a senior Iranian official said in the Austrian capital.

Iran defends independent governments in the region from terrorism, Kamal Kharrazi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sidelines of a gathering held in the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna on Friday.

Kharrazi, who is head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council, also said Iran is a main factor in ensuring stability in the region.

Criticizing certain countries for creating the terrorist groups to destabilize the region, Kharrazi said they are under the US support because they have handsome money.

About Saudi Arabia’s possible mischievous movements in the region, he said the ‘Saudi plots have always existed…, but Iran and the regional nations are ready to stand against its conspiracies.’

Commenting on the recent developments in Lebanon, Kharrazi described it as a serious crisis and ‘a consequence of the direct Saudi meddling.’

‘Lebanese premier was summoned to Saudi Arabia and compelled to resign,’ added Kharrazi.

Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri declared his resignation during a trip to Saudi Arabia last Saturday. Analysts believe that Hariri’s move which made many surprised was taken under the Saudis’ pressure.

After Hariri’s unprecedented resignation, Saudi Arabia has ordered its nationals to leave Lebanon, Kharraz said adding the Saudi action brought adverse economic effects to Lebanon.

Turning to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s baseless accusation against Iran that Yemen’s missile attack on Saudi captal’s airport was an act of Iran’s aggression, Kharrazi said the unfounded allegation was soon supported by the US because Washington is after the country’s money.

The United States and Saudi Arabia recently sealed an arms deal worth about $110 billion.

Despite all those measures, Iran has always been after a dialog with all regional countries, Iranian official stressed, saying Iran supports ‘Saudi Arabia’s renovation’ to be carried out honestly.

Talking of the issue of the Islamic sects and ethnic groups which is being misused by certain countries in line with serving their vested interests, Kharrazi said ‘Iran supports both Shia and Sunni’ Muslim.

To reject baseless remarks that Iran solely backs the Shia, Kharrazi gave an example saying Palestinians are Sunni; however, supporting the oppressed Palestinians in their fight against the Zionist regime is on Iran’s top agenda.

At the end of the interview, Kharrazi referred to energy cooperation between Tehran and Europe and said Iran, as one of the countries having largest energy reserves in the world, has always been keen to promote trade relations with Europe, but the measures in line with this cooperation especially the export of Iran’s gas to Europe need investment.

‘Iran is ready for cooperation in this field,’ he concluded.