West is not after Daesh elimination: Cleric

IRNA – Tehran temporary Friday Prayer Leader Ayatolllah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami said that Europeans and Americans are not intent on annihilating the Daesh terrorist group, as they are seeking a ‘managed Daesh’.

Addressing congregational prayers, he added that the western anti-Daesh alliance was deceptive as the coalition did nothing against the terrorist group.

Ayatollah Khatami further added that days of Daesh are numbered and they who dreamed of a great government extending from Iraq to Syria are gone but they left a record abounding with treason and crime.

‘The world should be thankful of Islamic establishment, fatwas of sources of emulation, Iraqi government, Iraqi Army and popular forces as well as Syrian government which warded the threat off the humanity,’ he said.

The cleric also said that the westerners formed anti-Daesh alliance but they did nothing to that effect; rather they aided it in some cases.

Referring to neutralization of Israel’s new plot in the region, he said that the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan was a plot for creating a new Israel in the region.

Iranian officials advised the Kurdistan Regional officials no to hold the poll but it fell on deaf ears in Erbil, he said, hailing the Iraqi government’s swift move to re-capture Kirkuk to thwart their plot.

The Friday prayer leader also called on KRG’s officials to stand next to the Iraqi integrated government and avoid being a tool in the hands of arrogant powers.

Pointing to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri’s resignation from power, Khatami said that Saudi Arabia committed a flagrant interference in the country’s affairs, as it forced the Lebanese premier to step down.

Saudi Arabia favors a troubled Lebanon, favors a chaotic Lebanon, he said, accusing the country of being involved in plots hatched in Iraq and Syria.

Elsewhere in his sermon, Khatami hailed massive turnout on Arbaeen Day, saying that the religious procession deserves to be analyzed.