Iran’s Leader Advisor in Syria for boosting mutual ties

November 8, The Iran Project – In continuation of his trip to Syria, Advisor to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati held talks with the country’s President Bashar al-Assad, a number of Iranian defenders of holy shrines in the Syrian city of Aleppo and Mustafa Afioni Chancellor of the Aleppo University.

In a meeting with Velayati, al-Assad said that true image of the enemies of Syria has been exposed now.

Referring to the recent victories of the Syrian army, President Assad said these victories unveiled the real face of enemies of the Syrian nation and its government more than before.

Velayati for his part said it is about seven years that the Syrian people continue their resistance which brought the country many blessings, security and stability, adding that enemies of Resistance Front are in their weakest positions.

Speaking to a number of Iranian defenders of holy shrines in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Velayati said if the world of Islam loses its power, others will dominate the Muslims, , adding, “Our duty is very heavy, because we should help the Islamic countries.”

The enemies, he stressed, are seeking to found a ‘new Middle East,’ which is in fact a ‘disintegrated Middle East’.

Also in a meeting with Alfioni, Velayati called for strengthening of ties between Iran and Syria in all areas, including politics, economy, defense, science and culture.

“Iran will stay beside Syria to help the country defend its territorial integrity,’” Velayati stressed.

For his part, the chancellor of the Syrian university in Aleppo, the country’s largest city and its industrial and financial centre, said that the university was never shut down for a single day during the past seven years of conflicts.

Afioni also called for cooperation between the Aleppo University and the Islamic Azad University in Iran.

Velayati and Afioni at the end of their meeting signed a memorandum of understanding to pave the way for engagement of the two universities.