Commander: Foreign countries support terrorist acts in border areas

IRNA – Commander of IRGC Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour held talks with Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javid Bejwa on Tuesday.

During the meeting, General Pakpour said that terrorists and bandits movements in border area of Iran and Pakistan are under support of Intelligence services of trans-regional countries.

Pakpour recalled deep historical and cultural ties between Iran and Pakistan, and said that current instability in the Middle East and expansion of terrorism related to the US and the Zionist regime’s actions in the region.

Given repeated failures of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, it seems they are trying to find new substitute areas to be deployed, so everybody should be aware and sensitive that the Takfiri terrorists cannot find a new haven.

Pakpour called referendum recently held in Iraqi Kurdistan Region as a Zionist plot and said that simkilar plots were also hatched for Iran and Pakistan due to their ethnic diversities.

He said the expansion of cooperation, sharing experiences and training among armed forces of the two countries indicate the failure of trans-regional enemies’ plots and their affiliated terrorists and stressed that such interactions will guarantee security of common borders.

Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Bejwa agreed with General Pakpour, and said that the two countries have plenty of commonalties and underlined expansion of these commonalties.

He added that by considering problems created by terrorist groups in the border areas, Islamabad has recently concentrated on the region and by increasing forces and necessary security measures is trying to increase its control on the area and decrease terrorist movements there.

General Bejwa and accompanying delegation are in Iran at invitation by Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri and have held talks with senior Iranian political and military officials during their three-day stay.

Consolidation and promotion of military, security defensive relations level, discussion concerning regional strategic issues, bilateral problems and considering grounds for mutual cooperation in the fields of defense, security and politics as well as sharing experiences in these fields are among important goals of the visit.