Iran sees Pakistan security as its own: Defense minister

IRNA – Iranian minister of defense declared here on Tuesday that Tehran sees Islamabad’s security ‘as its own’.

‘Respect for territorial integrity, solidarity and national sovereignty of the regional countries is among the fixed principles of the Iranian foreign policies,’ Brigadier General Amir Hatami said during his meeting with the visiting Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

He further said that Tehran-Islamabad relations are in line with strengthening defense capabilities of both neighboring countries.

Referring to the regional and international developments, Hatami described the presence of the Pakistani general in Iran as a move to fortify bilateral relations in the areas of security and stability.

‘Our policy is on development of ties with neighbors,’ Hatami said adding Pakistan as Iran’s neighbor, having a long border crossing and religious and cultural commonalities with Iran, has ‘a special position’ in the country’s foreign policy.

Iran supports Pakistan’s defense and military achievements within the framework of strengthening regional security and stability, the Iranian minister added to his words.

Then, Hatami hoped that cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad will lead to help establish peace in Kabul, the neighboring state suffering from 37 years of crisis.

Pointing to the plot made by the global arrogance to destabilize the region, Hatami said ‘Unfortunately, some regional and extra-regional countries have been trapped in the US and Zionist regime conspiracies.’

After attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, creating the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria and waging war in Yemen, they [US and Zionist regime] are to disintegrate the regional countries and create tension, said the Iranian minister stressing this situation is not suitable for the region and the World of Islam.

Referring to the threadbare plots hatched by the US and the Zionist regime, Hatami described those two as the biggest and the most dangerous supporters of the terrorism in the region.

‘Extremism has been created by the US policies,’ he said, adding that Washington uses the issue of countering terrorism as a pretext for dominating the Islamic lands and wealth.

About the US pressures on Iran, Hatami said that the anti-Iran measures have been taken because the country has stood against implementation of the US and Zionist regime’s unjust plans.

Pakistani general arrived in Tehran on Monday to hold talks with the Iranian officials on the issues of mutual interest, border security and defense relations between the two countries.