Hariri’s resignation text focuses on anti-Iranian approach: Lebanese MP

MNA – The language and literature used in resignation letter of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was the language of anti-Iran rulers who raise baseless and false accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran says Ayyoub Hamid, Lebanese MP.

It was for a long time that war with ISIL and the developments in Syria and Lebanon had sidelined Lebanon in the Middle East region but release of surprise and unexpected resignation of Lebanese PM Saad Hariri once again put this Arabic country at the focal attention of media outlets and expert political analysts.

In less than two days after Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri attended the Parliament of this country, he announced his resignation unusually during his visit to Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh in order to meet with senior officials of this Arabic country, he maintained.

The most interesting point is  that Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri did not announce his resignation in Lebanese capital Beirut and/or even at the venue of Lebanese Premiership Palace, rather, he notified his resignation in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh.

To shed more light on the issue, Mehr News agency reached out to Ayyoub Hamid, Lebanese Parliamentarian.

Turning to the main reason behind resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and key role of Saudi Arabia in this field, he said: “It is too early to identify the main reason behind sudden and snap resignation of Hariri, so that no one and political party in Lebanon was expecting this move taken by Hariri at the current situation.”

It is obvious that the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri himself is unwilling for submitting his resignation, so that the language and literature used by Hariri in his resignation letter is a solid evidence for this claim, he opined.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: “The language and literature used in the resignation letter of Hariri is the language of rulers who fight with Iran directly and raise baseless and false accusations against this Islamic country.”

Therefore, “We believe that it is too early to decide the main reason behind resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri at the current situation. For this purpose, it is logical to wait until the situation is determined precisely.”

Regarding the Zionist position on the surprise resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and their attempt to tension and aggravate the internal situation of Lebanon, he said: “It is natural that Israel and enemies of Lebanon are happy about the emergence of a problem in all countries especially in Lebanon.”

A couple of years ago, Lebanese government delivered a crushing blow to Zionist regime during 33-day war waged by Israel against Lebanon, the issue of which is a solid evidence that Israel will be happier than any other country in the region on the developments happen in this Arabic country, he stressed.

Currently, Zionist regime leaves no stone unturned in marring real image of Lebanese Hezbollah movement in the international arena, he said, adding: “Moreover, Zionist regime is making its utmost effort to create chaos in Lebanon. But Lebanese government has managed to thwart conspiracies and plots waged by Zionist regime thanks to the persistence, resistance and vitality of its people and unsparing support of neighboring and friend countries such as Syria and Iran.”

In response to a question on the resignation of Saad Hariri taken after concurrently with the U.S. sanctions imposed against Lebanese Movement Hezbollah, he said: “Saudi Arabia has now embarked on arresting its high-ranking officials massively and is seeking to form new alliances in the region to confront Iran and Lebanese Resistance Movement of Hezbollah severely.”

Zionist leaders also welcome outbreak of problem inside Lebanese land and territory, he said, adding: “Under such circumstances, Lebanese Resistance Movement would be undermined and in this case, everything will be in favor of Zionist regime in the region wholly.”

In the end, Representative of Lebanese Parliament Ayyoub Hamid said that Saudi Arabia forced Hariri to resign in order to compensate its failure in Syria and added: “Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has entered into many wars and its consequences have affected the domestic situation of this country severely. We emphasize that Lebanon has gone through very difficult crises and has been able to prevent probable damages. However, Lebanon makes its utmost effort and strives to increase its internal stability.”

Interview by Fatemizadeh