Archeologists launch 16th season of explorations in Burnt City

IRNA – Archeologists have started the 16th season of archeological research and explorations in the Burnt City.

‘The study aims at focusing on interdisciplinary activities in cooperation with 14 Italian and German researchers,’ the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Iranian archeologist Seyed Mansour Seyed Sajjadi as saying on Saturday.

‘The field exploration will last for 60 days, but library research works will continue until next year,’ he added.

‘In this season more activities would be focused on part of the industrial workshops which are supposed to be the place for making the azure and turquoise beads,’ he noted.

The archaeologist pointed to gaining access to the raw materials and the instruments of the craftsmen as another objective of the study.

Seyed Sajjadi referred to the presence of 14 Italian and German researchers in this season of explorations in the Burnt City and noted that those archeologists are accompanying the team as guests of the group and explorations are not conducted jointly.

“These researchers who are mostly from the Salento University of Italy are all top experts in interdisciplinary science with broad experience in Syria, Iraq, Africa, and Asia and so on,’ he said.