US presence in region aims to safeguard Israelis: IRGC

IRNA – The US active presence in the Middle East aims at nothing, but safeguarding the region for the Zionist Regime and its allies, an Iranian military official said.

‘Muslim warriors and Palestinian groups will never let the global arrogance and the US to achieve its objectives,’ Head of Public Relations Department of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General Ramezan Sharif said on Saturday at the ceremony to mark The Student Day (13th of Aban) rallies.

‘The axis of Resistance takes model from Iran which has always stood against global arrogance’, he said.

The 13th of Aban has been named in Iran as the Student Day and the Day of Struggling against World Arrogance. On 13th of Aban 1358 ( Nov 4, 1979) Iranian students took over the US embassy in Tehran. On the same day previous year, a group of Iranian high school and university students were killed by the security forces while protesting against the deposed Shah of Iran.

During the nationwide 13th Aban rallies, the Iranian people show hatred towards the global hegemonic powers and renew allegiance to the Islamic principles set by Imam khomeini, the late father of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.