Iranian negotiator says US bad intentions not limited to Trump

Al-Monitor- Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi addressed the country’s parliament on the 2015 comprehensive nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers. Araghchi, a former nuclear negotiator, said his report was a “realistic portrayal” of the both the “economic openings and challenges encountered” in the 21 months since the nuclear deal has been implemented.

Araghchi said that the biggest challenge since the implementation of the deal has been “America’s ill intentions.” He added that while the nuclear deal states that all parties must implement the deal with good intentions, the United States “has always tried to decrease Iran’s benefits” from the deal.

Araghchi said that this challenge was “clear,” both under the Barack Obama administration and the Donald Trump administration. However, he also said that under the Trump administration, the ill intentions, “the breaking of pacts and even the violations of the nuclear deal have increased considerably.”

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