Iran does not let regional conditions go ‘back to the past’: Advisor to Leader

IRNA – A senior Iranian official on Saturday appreciated the Resistance Movement’s latest victories in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, stressing ‘We don’t let the regional conditions go back to the past.’

‘We, through diplomatic talks, are pursuing to guarantee such achievements,’ Ali Akbar Velayati, senior Advisor to Iran’s Leader told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an interview held in the Lebanese capital on Saturday.

About his meetings with top-ranking Lebanese officials including President Michel Aoun, Velayati said that Tehran-Beirut ties, Iran’s stance on Lebanon’s internal situation and the regional developments were among the issues discussed.

‘Fortunately, the two sides’ viewpoints were very close,’ Velayati said.

He explicitly noted that Iran supports the current Lebanese government under the premiership of Saad Hariri which includes all parties.

‘Iran has never been after interference in Lebanon,’ he said and added Iran has always been a supporter of Lebanon’s independence, pluralism and national sovereignty against the Zionist regime.

Velayati also said his meetings with top Lebanese officials indicate that Iran follows the policies on promoting ties with Lebanon.

Velayati arrived in Lebanon on Thursday to attend the second International Union of Resistance Scholars meeting in Beirut (Nov 1-2). The conference coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration was themed ‘True Promise: Palestine between Balfour Declaration and Divine Promise’.
Hundreds of Sunni and Shia Muslim scholars attended the two-day event.

Asked whether his Beirut visit has any relation with the Nov 1 visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tehran, Velayati said that a series of new diplomatic moves, which all are interrelated, have started in the region.

He said that the visit by Hamas delegation to Iran, his visit to Lebanon and Syria and International Union of Resistance Scholars meeting which began in Beirut on Nov 1 are all in line with maintaining the recent achievements gained in the region by the Resistance Movement.

At present, there are good signs which show that the US-Zionist project on disintegrating the regional countries and creating crisis in the region has failed, Velayati added.

He stressed the importance of ensuring coordination and enhancing cooperation among the regional countries in order to build a barrier against the plots.

About the new round of the US policy of presssuring the Resistance Movement, the Leader’s advisor said that such a policy has been adopted in reaction to the recent US failures in the region.

The Resistance will not disappear under such pressures, he concluded.