Russian president: North-South Corridor cost-effective

IRNA – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that North-South Corridor is economically viable and cost-effective.

In a joint news conference of presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan Republic on Wednesday, he added that the three countries intend to have good cooperation on the corridor.

President Putin further noted that economic issues were at the center of attention during the meeting, although various issues including fighting terrorism and crimes were also discussed.

Hoping that today meeting of the trio would be useful for all the nations, he said that Russia is keen on cultural, educational and medical cooperation with other countries.

He further noted that he had good negotiations with President Hassan Rouhani on bilateral affairs such as energy cooperation.

President Putin also hailed his meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei as useful, saying that a range of regional developments such security in the region were discussed during the meeting.

Putin further noted that none of the problems will be solved unilaterally, and that’s for the same reason that Russia is counting on its Iranian and non-Iranian partners.

Expressing satisfaction over the talks made in Tehran between the Iranian, Russian and Azeri presidents during a trilateral meeting, he said, “I am sure that these cordial and transparent meetings will bring our nations major results and vast interests.”

The meeting centered on peace, stability, fighting organized crimes and terrorism and above all economic collaboration, President Putin said, noting that Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan all are main producers of the hydrocarbons and they are not competing with each other; rather they are after cooperation in the field.

The Russian president also hoped that Caspian Sea legal regime will soon be finalized and signed by the littoral states.

President Putin also hailed meetings between the three countries’ presidents on the sidelines of today’s summit, saying that the trio held good talks in economic field and cooperation on energy and manufacturing heavy vehicles.

Cooperation between Russia and Iran on Syria are still continuing, as counter-terrorism operations in the war-torn country are going ahead well, he said.

President Putin was in Tehran to take part in the second three-way summit with President Rouhani and Azeri President Ilham Aliyev.