Official: No decision on admiting observor members in Astana talks

IRNA – Russia and Iran have so far received requests by certain countries applying to join Astans talks as observers, but no decision has been made by the peace guarantors as yet, Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs said.

‘All decisions on Astana peace talks depend on the consensus achieved by Iran, Russia and Turkey as three peace guarantors,’ Hossein Jaberi Ansari said.

Elaborating on Iran’s stance concerning accepting of new observer states, Ansari said Iran agrees with those countries that play major international role and are accepted by all guarantors.

The 7th Syrian peace talks was held on Oct 30-31 with the attendance of three guarantors of ceasefire, including Iran, Russia and Turkey, Syrian delegations, oppositions of the Syrian government as well as observer members who gathered in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.

During the 7th round of the Syrian peace talks, the Russian Federation raised the idea of holding national dialogue and stressed the need for strengthening confidence and international support for such dialogues.

Participants of the 7th Astana talks decided to hold the eight round of their discussions later in December.

Some Western and Arab countries, led by the US, caused scores of thousands of extremist terrorists, enjoying advanced weaponry and financial and intelligence support, to enter Syria 6 years ago, in order to bring down the Syrian government.

The anti-Syrian actions created tens of terrorist groups that resulted in massacre and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Syria and Iraq, and also destruction of the two countries, but certain Western and Arab countries keep supporting the armed oppositions and terrorists.

To date, seven rounds of negotiations on the Syria issue have been held in Astana, Kazakhstan.