Reclaiming occupied territories from terrorists imminent

MNA – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri announced the near end of Takfiris’ conspiracy, noting “we will soon reclaim the occupied territories from terrorists.”

Speaking at National Conference on Passive Defense on Monday, General Bagheri said “in 14 years after the formation of Passive Defense Organization upon the order of the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, important steps have been taken among which is the attention to threat identification for not being surprised as what happened during the time of Imposed War.”

Today, thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs of the country, Iran’s security is at a very good level, but the threats of the enemies are changing day by day; the enemy has applied all kinds of threats against Iran and other Islamic countries. In recent years, we have witnessed Takfiri terrorists who have been the source of many years of efforts by arrogance to fight with Islam, especially the Resistance Front,” Bagheri noted.

Referring to the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan, Maj. Gen. Bagheri stated “the Takfiri conspiracy had not yet come to an end, when the disintegration plot came to a head, and if the Iraqi army, officials and clerics were not vigilant, there would be very devastating consequences for the region and a big win for the Zionist regime.”

He said US Trump’s recent remarks and positions has posed a new threat against the Islamic Republic; “Americans after months of efforts, formulated a strategic plan and announced it would make a problem for Iran or other independent states.”

The Americans showed their true face which was a great help for the Islamic world to confront the country’s arrogant politics, Bagheri said, adding “US calls the Iranian nation “terrorists” and refers to a fake name instead of the Persian Gulf.”

Pointing to the constraints on Iran’s nuclear deal, he said “it is the decision of the Islamic Republic to accept restrictions in return to remove sanctions, but if these sanctions return with other excuses, it will change decision to get out of the meaningless deal.”

Bagheri pointed out US support for ISIL, and said Americans have accommodated ISIL commanders sending them weaponries. “The American officials themselves admit the US has created ISIL.”