Netanyahu disrupting ME for his own interests: KRG rep. in Tehran

MNA – The KRG rep. in Tehran, Nazim Dabbagh, says that Netanyahu is after disrupting and dividing the region to gain his own advantages and harness his own interests.

“While some countries advised Mr. Barzani to not hold the referendum, there were also other states and persons who hailed for conducting the referendum,” said the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative in Iran, Nazim Dabbagh, to Mehr correspondent.

The Kudish figure made the remarks while visiting the pavilion of Mehr News Agency at the venue of the 23rd edition of Tehran Press Exhibition currently underway in Grand Musalla of Tehran.

“In my opinion some part of the blame is on Barzani’s aides,” Mr. Dabbagh noted.

Then he was asked why the Israeli regime PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, supported the referendum and the establishment of an independent Kurdish state. “Netanyahu, from the very beginning before the referendum was held, announced that he supports the formation of an independent Kurdish state and then on the day of the referendum said that he holds no position about the poll,” Mr. Dabbagh responded.

“Four days later,” he added, “Netanyahu stated that the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan is of no relevance to Israel, but after the statement of Ayatolllah Sistani and the position of Iraqi government about holding talks over the issue were announced, he again returned to the field asking different countries to pose pressure on Iraqi government and prevent the central government from pressing the KRG.”

“In fact, Netanyahu is after disrupting and dividing the region to gain his own advantages and harness his own interests,” asserted the Iraqi Kurd.

When he was asked about the future election in the KRG, he envisioned a drastic change. “Bearing the recent developments in mind, the probability of chane in political map of the KRG is high,” opined Mr. Dabbagh.

“In the next election we will witness a significant slide in the votes of Masoud Barzani and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,” said the KRG representative in Tehran, “maybe a new political movement would gain the sway in Iraqi Kurdistan.”

Mr. Dabbagh underlined that none of traditional partiers of Kurdistan would win the majority in the upcoming election.