Bushehr power plant generates 25 billion kw/h electricity

IRNA – Head of Bushehr Atomic Power Plant Exploitation Company Hossein Ghaffari said on Saturday that since the power plant commissioned it generated 25 billion kilowatts/hour electricity and transferred it to national grid.

He said that by generating such amount of electricity the amount of 6.1 billion barrels crude oil worth 2 billion dollars in fossil fuel power plants were saved.

The official added that the power plant by using advanced equipments has a high degree of safety.

According to the schedule, after generating 7 million kilowatts/hour electricity one third of the equipment should be renovated and optimized.

He said in current year, the power plant planned to work for 303 days round–the-clock and its activity will be halted on January 23, 2018.

Bushehr Atomic Power Plant kicked off work officially on September 12, 2011.