Tehran refinery blaze under investigation

MNA – The spokesman of Iranian parliament’s energy commission has said a group designated by parliament’s energy commission will be dispatched to Tehran Oil Refinery to investigate reasons behind the incident occurred on Friday.

Pointing to the fire occurred Friday at Tehran Oil Refinery leaving at least six people dead and two others wounded, Asadollah Gharekhani stated, “a group assigned by parliament’s energy commission will be sent to the Tehran Oil Refinery to have a field visit and assess the different aspects of the incident, informing the energy commission of the reasons behind the fire break-out.”

He added the incident broke out due to gas leakage when part of facilities located in Tehran Oil Refinery was under maintenance.

Gharekhani stressed, “it must be specified whether equipment installed in Tehran Oil Refinery are of high safety standards and it should be determined whether a fire extinguishing system had been installed there in case of any leakage”.

“The foregoing questions will be brought up and a report will be submitted regarding the incident in a meeting with managing director and authorities of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company on Monday,” he noted.