Leader’s military aide: Iran’s defense equipment deterrent to threats

FNA – Iranian Leader’s Military Aide and Former Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan underlined that the weapons and military equipment produced and possessed by Iran are deterring enemy threats.

“Given the presence of (Armed) forces and existence of defense equipment in Iran, the enemies do not dare to make any aggression against the country,” General Dehqan said on Tuesday.

He also referred to US President Donald Trump’s remarks against Iran and the 2015 nuclear deal, and said he does not intend to abrogate the deal, but plans to impose new sanctions against Tehran.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour blasted the US for imposing sanctions against the IRGC, noting that Washington is angry for the blows the IRGC has struck at the ISIL terrorist group.

“The resistance forces are annihilating the ISIL on the ground beside the Iranian (military) advisors and when the US witnessed our forces’ effectiveness, it announced that it will put the IRGC in the list of terrorist groups and then they withdrew one step and said that they will impose sanctions against the IRGC but they will fail again,” General Pakpour said, addressing a forum in Tehran.

He added that the US, witnessing the ISIL annihilation, resorted to holding an independence referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region while the world wants an integrated Iraq.