Iraq condemns pre-planned attack on Iran’s consulate in Erbil

IRNA – Iraq’s Foreign Ministry in a statement on Saturday denounced pre-planned onslaught on Iran’s consulate in Erbil and disrespecting flag of a friendly country as well as posing threats to the lives the mission’s staff.

Foreign Ministry also added that the leaders of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) shoulder full responsibility of the attack.

The statement also condemned threats to other diplomatic and international missions across the KRG and has held its leaders accountable for safeguarding lives and security of the missions’ staff.

After staging a gathering near the US’ Chief Consulate and UN office in Erbil in protest to silence against Iraqi Army’s advances yesterday, a number of Kirkuk refugees attacked Iran’s Chief Consulate in Erbil, intending to storm the mission.

They pulled down Iran’s flag.