Iran welcomes expansion of ties with Uzbekistan

MNA – President Rouhani told the visiting foreign minister of Uzbekistan that Iran ushers in the call of expansion of bilateral ties.

“We take Uzbekistan as a friendly country in the past and future of our history,” said President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday, while receiving Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov in Tehran.

“The historic ties, cultural commonalities, and mutual national interests have completely connected the two countries while no borderline is shared,” opined the Iranian top executive.

Mr. Rouhani reiterated that historic relations and the closeness between the two nations provide huge opportunities for bolstering and cementing bilateral relations between the two countries, adding “assuredly the expansion of these relations will bring benefits for both nations and the region.”

The Uzbek FM, for his part, articulated the resolute determination of Tashkent for deepening and broadening ties with Iran in both political and cultural avenues.

“The visits made by senior officials of Uzbekistan to Iran are aligned with the same objective of expanding joint cooperation and founding strategic and long-run relations between Tehran and Tashkent,” underlined the top Uzbek diplomat.

He also called for further cooperation of Iran and Uzbekistan in areas related to strengthening security measures in the region.

“The two countries of Iran and Uzbekistan enjoy a rich Islamic history and are able to stop the spread of extremism through joint efforts,” highlighted the Uzbek official.