Audacious American: Iranian dailies react to Trump’s ’decertification’ speech

Iranian Diplomacy- Front page of Iranian dailies today was dedicated to Trump’s Friday night speech where he decertified JCPOA, the nuclear deal between Iran and the six global powers, and Rouhani’s subsequent forceful response less than an hour later. Reformist media tried to downplay the US president’s remarks and argue that nothing will change significantly after the harsh remarks by Donald Trump. Principlists were more skeptical however, and spoke of the end of JCPOA as a valid agreement. An overview of headlines by some major dailies from either side of the camp follows:




Jam-e Jam (official organ of state-run radio & tv)

  • American Audacity: Trump Unveils His Anti-Iran Strategy

Javan (affiliated with IRGC)

  • Trump ‘Tears’ Confidence in the US


  • Advantages Goes to the US, Limitations for Iran: Trump Preserves the JCPOA

Vatan-e Emrooz

  • [Trump] Tears the JCPOA: With Trump’s Last Night Remarks, JCPOA Is No More Valid for the United States in Its Current Shape




Aftab-e Yazd

  • He Just Nagged.

Arman-e Emrooz

  • The Isolation of Mr. Blunder: Global Reaction, Especially by Mogherini, and Joint UK-Germany-France Statement in Response to US President’s Immature Remarks


  • Trump Said Nothing New: Declaration of Iran’s Non-compliance to JCPOA, Withdrawal from Designation of IRGC as Terrorist

Iran (official organ of the government)

  • Failed Chest-Thumping against JCPOA: Trump Withdraws from Revoking the Nuclear Deal Following Domestic and Global Pressures


Iran Stands Firm: Trump’s Remarks Raises Negative Response both Inside and Outside [the US]