EU rejects renegotiation of Iran’s nuclear issue

Spiegel– The European Union has appealed to Donald Trump not to unilaterally terminate the nuclear deal with Iran, but to stick to it. “We expect all the countries involved to stick to the agreement as long as Iran is implementing the agreement,” said the Secretary General of the European External Action Service (EAD), Helga Schmid, the “World”

The German top diplomat herself was involved in the long-term negotiations on the Atomdeal. According to the report, it rejects the renegotiation of the agreement: “It must not be forgotten that this is a non-proliferation treaty that fully fulfills its purpose, and there is therefore no need to renegotiate.”

Trump had repeatedly criticized the Iranian rocket tests and the role of Tehran in countries like Syria and Yemen . Schmid said that Atomdeal was not an agreement to settle regional conflicts: “There are major problems, such as the intolerable situation in Syria and Yemen, but we are trying to solve them in other forums.”

She also warned of another escalation: “We already have a nuclear crisis with North Korea, we do not need a second nuclear crisis in the Middle East.” According to Schmid, there is the danger of a “nuclear armament contest” in the region: “That would make the region even more unsafe – a danger for all of us.” The agreement is “the result of twelve years of negotiations under not always simple circumstances,” said Schmid. It had made the world safer and “a source of danger of uncontrolled nuclear proliferation”.

On Thursday, Trump’s decision is expected

A few days earlier, EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Federica Mogherini had also expressed a very similar opinion . And also the International Campaign for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (Ican) , which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize , urged Trump tomaintain the Atomic Energy Agreement .

The deal from 2015 establishes international inspections. It allows Iran the civilian use of nuclear energy, but the country is officially introducing its nuclear weapons program. All parties – including the USA – have so far certified Tehran to comply with the contract. Trump, however, repeatedly named one of the worst deals ever signed by the US.

Trump has to certify to the US Congress every 90 days that Iran is following the nuclear agreement. It is now expected that on Thursday he will announce the first step towards the withdrawal from the agreement by denying the so-called certification of the Atomdeal. Then the Congress has to decide within 60 days whether the sanctions against Iran should be reinstated or not.