Nazanin Zaghari

Iran rejects claims on extention of Nazanin Zaghari’s term in prison

IRNA – A source from Iran Embassy in London dismissed claims made by Richard Ratcliff that her wife’s sentence could be extend to 16 years by Tehran.

Speaking to IRNA, the unnamed source added that it is not the first time Mr. Ratcliff tries to intrigue public opinion and make propaganda based on false information.

He went on to say, “The truth is Mrs. Zaghari has attended a court hearing and based on new information made available to the judge, she has been charged for her illegal acts. “

The source said that the issues raised in the court are charges, which have to pass legal proceedings and be proven.

It is clear that Mrs. Zaghari is, like before, entitled to her legal rights including having a lawyer as well as legal procedures for issuing a verdict and in that case, she enjoys the right to appeal.

The sources stressed that the claims made by Mrs. Zaghari’s husband (Mr. Ratcliff) regarding her new charges are “just speculations” which do not correspond to the charges made against her.

He reiterated that Mrs. Zaghari’s condition in prison has not changed and she can visit her family as well as her daughter twice a week.

“She also has access to all medical facilities”, the source reaffirmed.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who worked for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, was arrested in Kerman in April 2016 with charges relating to national security; she has been sentenced to five years in jail.