Iran FM Spox reviews recent domestic, regional developments in weekly confab

October 9, The Iran Project – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi in his recent weekly conference reviewed detention of Iran nuclear deal negotiations advisor, US anti-Iran measures, Iraqi Kurdistan Region developments, consultation with Moscow and Ankara on the regional and international issues, Europe approach towards Iran nuclear deal as well as the issue of missile program and dismissing any link with N. Korea’s nuclear program.

Qasemi said the Iran nuclear deal negotiations advisor who has been detained was not a foreign ministry member.

He added that Abdurrasoul Dorri-Esfahani, a banking expert, was an advisor in the economic section of the negotiations, adding that Dorri-Esfahani had worked with many ministries, and was of help in Iran’s nuclear talks with the world powers.

Commenting on US anti-Iran measures, he added that Tehran’s response to Washington will be harsh, decisive and strong.

‘We hope the US administration would not make such strategic mistake and stop continuing on its wrong path,’ Qasemi said.

He stressed that negotiations between Iraqi officials with Masoud Barzani President of Iraqi Kurdistan are acceptable if Federal government of Iraq tends to do so.

“Regarding our position to maintain territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iraq and as regard the fact that the only solution to the Iraqi crisis would be negotiations, Iran accepts talks,” he said.

Qasemi reiterated that Iran maintains constant consultations with Russia and Turkey about all international and regional issues, adding that Tehran has continuous cooperation and consultation with Moscow and Ankara on the regional and international issues, including Syria.

Commented on the Europe approach towards Iran nuclear deal, he added that Iran has a clear and transparent stance on its nuclear deal with the major world powers and Tehran will maintain such position.

We are waiting to see what the future will bring, he said, stressing that what is clear is that European governments for different reasons, in general, are quite serious in standing against US policies.

Iran’s FM spokesman said that regarding the issue of missile development, Iran has repeatedly announced that the Islamic Republic‘s missile program is part of the country defensive policies and it is not in contradiction with Resolution 2231 of the United Nations.

Moreover, he rejected any relationship between Tehran and Pyongyang’s nuclear programs and the country’s assistance to North Korea to develop its missile program.