Gabriel expects the US to withdraw

Spiegel– Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel fears that Donald Trump will announce the nuclear deal with Iran. The US president wanted to replace “the rule of law by the right of the strong”.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel expects the US to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran. “The United States is likely to cancel the Iran agreement next week, which is my great concern,” said the SPD politician at an election campaign in Lower Saxony, Germany. The Federal Government would nevertheless continue to fight for the US to comply with the agreement to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

According to US media reports, Donald Trump wants Iran to confirm next week that the agreement has not been respected . The “Washington Post” and the magazine “Politico” reported on a similar plan .

However, the agreement should not be terminated. In this case, however, a 60-day deadline begins, within which the US Senate should decide on the resurgence of sanctions against Teheran. Only this step would be de facto equivalent to a termination of the Atomdeal. However, a majority is not certain.

“Then the world will change another”

Gabriel asked the US government what would actually be better if Iran were treated in such a way that Tehran then developed nuclear weapons: “What better way to do it? Nix,” said the Foreign Minister.

The policy of Trumps and his advisers was a great danger. “Trumps people are saying,” This is all nonsense, the world is an arena, a battleground, and the strongest is going through, “said the former head of the SPD. “This means they replaced the rule of law by the law of the strongest.” This is also a danger for Germany, according to Gabriel, because “then the world will change another”.