Iran, Russia, China playing major role in new Silk Road

IRNA – Iran, China and Russia having rich civilizations play an important role in the new Silk Road plan, Iran’s Consul General in Kazan, Tatarstan, Ali Beman Eghbali Zarech said on Friday.

Zarech made the remarks ih his address to the International Conference on Silk Road which was held in Kazan Federal University.

Reviving the Silk Road is of importance for the regional countries, said the Iranian diplomat.

There was only one Silk Road stretched from China to Iran in the past which linked different areas but it has spread to other parts especially to Europe, he noted.

In addition to determine economic targets for the new Silk Road, grounds should be prepared for further social and cultural cooperation and public diplomacy, Zarech added.

He pointed that universities play a major role in promotion of public diplomacy.

Zarech also referred to the increasing number of Iranian students in Tatarstan, and expressed hope for promotion of Tehran-Kazan academic cooperation.

Based on the released documents, China plan for the new Silk Road, also known as the One Road, One Belt Project, which has been presented since 2013, consists of a land and a sea road.

The land road will link China to Russia and the Middle East to Europe.

While the sea road is to connect China to Southeastern Asia and Africa.