Milad Tower

2 ICT conferences at Milad Tower

Financial Tribune- As Iran woos the big international players in the high-tech, information and telecom sectors, Tehran is taking the initiative to a higher level in the fall. Two major ICT conferences will be held in the coming months, namely the IT Managers National Conference in November and the International Conference on Smart Technologies in December.

After the unjust economic sanctions were lifted last year, the government made known that the baggage of the past will have to be set aside as Iran embarks on the arduous path of restoring normal economic ties to the outside world.

One key area that has been a permanent fixture both of the government and private sector is IT and its affiliates. The role and influence of this industry gathers all the more importance in the light of the search for jobs for millions of educated Iranians.

It is in this framework and the need for decent growth rates that the two conferences are being organized, supported and encouraged by the government.

IT Managers National Conference

The fifth edition of IT Managers National Conference (ITManC 2017) will be held at the iconic Milad Tower in north Tehran on November 26.

It is sponsored jointly by the Presidential Office and the Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), the institute’s website reported.

According to the event director Mohammad Javad Ershadi, major topics of the conference will be information technology and business, data governance, IT governance, big data, social media networks and their socio-economic impact, economic intelligence, data security and e-governance, and Internet of Things.

Ershadi said the meeting aims to promote e-governance and online copyrights protection.

During the previous round held in October 2016, a system dubbed ‘Hamanandjoo’ was showcased, designed to compare academic dissertations. Users can upload their documents on the website and compare them with other similar documents within minutes. The system has been designed to help reduce plagiarism and observe copyright laws.

Prominent academics will speak at the conference. Aficionados can submit their articles to the institute’s panel of experts via [email protected] for evaluation and those accepted will be presented during the event.

There will be a business-oriented section in the event dubbed “Innovative Businesses Competition”. Through the competition, startups and knowledge-based firms will showcase their business plans, products, and services. For enrolling in this section companies are required to pay between 3 to 8 million rials ($76 to $205).

Those interested in attending the event should enroll via the conference’s official website,


Smart Technologies Conference

Milad Tower Conference Hall will host the International Congress on Smart Technologies (ICTECH) on Dec. 12 and 13.

The event is sponsored by the ministries of telecoms, industries, agriculture, cooperatives, and sports in collaboration with major universities including Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology and Kharazmi University.

Nasim Mashahedi, the event director, said this is the first international meeting in the country for concocting a roadmap for using smart technologies in administrative systems.

According to Mashahedi, the conference will also seek to propel the national e-governing scheme. E-government is the use of information and communication technologies to improve the activities of public sector organizations.

Mashahedi said, “ICTECH seeks to bring together local and international firms active in smart technologies and who want to show their latest products.”

According to the latest statistics released by the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Iran globally ranks 106th  in e-governing.

Mashahedi said President Hassan Rouhani, some of his ministers and members of Iran Chamber of Commerce will participate in the two-day meeting.

Companies from several countries, namely France, Brazil, India, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands and Britain will reportedly attend.

Workshops and speeches are planned for the conference covering a wide range of topics, including organizational software, e-services, e-commerce, telecoms, e-banking, smart banking, Internet of Things, security systems, fintech and insurance technologies better known as insuretechs.

The event organizers believe the gathering can and should help Iran’s knowledge-based companies and stakeholders to come up with new ideas and  find international partners.

Those wanting to participate in the conference can enroll via the event’s official website