ME wars impede achieving sustainable development

MNA – Iran’s Ambassador to United Nations said Mon. that ongoing wars in the Middle East are a hindrance to sustainable development, adding that such wars have extensively spread poverty in the region.   

Iran’s Ambassador and DPR of the Permanent Mission of Iran to UN, Es’hagh Al-e-Habib, delivered a speech on Monday at the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly, highlighting the role of UN in empowering developing countries to achieve sustainable development.

He went on to add, “any reform in the process of the United Nations’ programs must be tailored to meet the needs and challenges and to respond to the implementation of national programs and strategies of developing countries.”

Al-e Habib noted the measures taken by the Islamic Republic to reduce poverty, provide food security, education, healthcare, as well as issues related to environment and climate change, adding “Iran attaches great importance to achieving sustainable development and has taken great steps toward overcoming existing problems at the national and regional levels.”

He also pointed to the escalation of conflicts and wars in the Middle East region, calling on the UN to prioritize the resolution of regional issues such as land degradation, desertification, air pollution, dust storms, climate change and water shortage.

He further voice Iran’s readiness to have any kind of regional cooperation for overcoming these issues.