Iranian woman detained in Australia unjustly, illegally

IRNA – Australian government has for the first time detained an Iranian woman at the extradition request of the US, originating from Trump administration’s antagonistic policies against the Islamic Republic and Iranian nationals.

Negar Qodsi-Kani, Iranian citizen residing in Australia, has been jailed by the Australian judicial officials since June 16, 2017 over violating US commercial laws.

In time of arrest, Iranian woman was pregnant and now she is in her last months of pregnancy facing inappropriate conditions inside the prison such as poor access to healthy foods.

Australian officials have ignored Iran’s repeated calls for improving her conditions and the court handling her case has recently ruled out her appeal for freedom on bail.

The Iranian mother waiting for her first delivery migrated to the country six years ago along with her husband through legal procedures, and now in utmost disappointment from enforcement of justice, she and her child has pinned their hope to public opinion and humanitarian supports.

Asked about double-national inmates in his recent visit to New York, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that several Iranians are currently in US prisons or other countries’ jails at the US request for non-existent sanctions.