Iranian President hopes for closer Tehran-Berlin ties

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani offered his congratulations to the German people and government over the Western European country’s national day and called for further efforts to boost cooperation between Tehran and Berlin in all areas.

In a message to his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday, President Rouhani said he hopes that the Islamic Republic and Germany would witness closer ties and cooperation in all fields given the good record of relations between the two sides.

He also said Tehran welcomes cooperation with Berlin in efforts to resolve regional crises through political and peaceful means.

President Rouhani further wished good health and success to the German president and his government and prosperity for the people of the country.

The Day of German Unity is the national day of Germany, celebrated on October 3 as a public holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990, when the goal of a unity of Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled again. Therefore, the name addresses neither the re-union nor the union, but the unity of Germany.