Weekly report: Iranians observe Tasu’a and Ashura nationwide

October 1, The Iran Project – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif meeting with several senior officials on the sidelines of 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Iran display of S-300 air defense missile system to public, the country biding farewell to iconic martyr Hojaji, Iran receiving two ATR72 passenger planes and Shia Muslims marking Tasua and Ashura mourning ceremonies across Iran dominated the country’s media outlets in the past week (Sep 25–Oct 01).



Iran displays S-300 air defense missile system to public 

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard has displayed the country’s sophisticated Russian-made S-300 air defense system in central Tehran.

Iran’s Air Defense sends more missile gear to western areas

Iran’s Air Defense has intensified activities along the country’s western borders, deploying new missile equipment there, a ranking commander said.

Leader stands beside holy body of Martyr Hojaji 

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei made an appearance in Imam Hossein Mosque to stand beside Mohsen Hojaji’s holy body, and paid his respect to the martyr who gave his life in the fight against terrorism.

Top military officials of Iran, Iraq hold talks amid Kurdish independence vote

The military brass of Iran and Iraq have met and held talks amid a controversial referendum in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region.

Iconic martyr Hojaji laid to rest in central Iran 

An Iranian military adviser who was beheaded by Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in Syria last month was laid to rest on Thursday after a funeral service was held in the country’s central city of Najaf Abad, Isfahan Province, with thousands of Iranian people in attendance.

Iran may drop nuclear deal if U.S. withdraws, foreign minister tells al Jazeera 

Iran may abandon the nuclear deal it reached with six major powers if the United States decides to withdraw from it, Iranian foreign minister told Qatar’s al Jazeera TV in New York.

S Arabia should stop exporting terrorism, extremism: Zarif 

Describing Saudi Arabia’s policies in the region, Iranian foreign minister told Al Jazeera news broadcaster that KSA and UAE are always killing stabilizing efforts in the ME.

UN General Assembly president, Zarif talk on Middle East

President of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajcak has recently tweeted that he and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting on the sidelines on the event, reviewed developments mainly in the Middle East region.

Iran, Iraq to stage joint military drills in coming days: Commander

The armed forces of Iran and neighboring Iraq plan to hold joint military exercises in coming days, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri announced.

German FM urges US to engage in nuclear dialogue with Iran 

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has called on the United States to engage in dialogue with Iran over its nuclear program amid growing concerns about the future of the nuclear agreement Iran clinched with the P5+1 group of countries more than two years ago.


Regional Affairs

Michel Aoun denies Iran interference in Lebanon affairs 

Iran has never interfered in Lebanon’s internal affairs, Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed in a recent interview with the French journal ‘Paris Match’.

Saudi Arabia agrees to let women drive 

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday that it would allow women to drive, ending a longstanding policy that has become a global symbol of the oppression of women in the ultraconservative kingdom.

Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Sistani opposes Kurdistan’s secession 

Iraq’s top Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has voiced opposition to the secession of the northern Kurdistan region from the mainland, warning of the negative repercussions of such “unilateral steps.”

Iraqi Kurdistan accepts Sistani’s initiative on referendum issue 

The Parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan Region accepted the initiative suggested by the country’s religious authority on the issue of referendum, an Iraqi source told IRNA on Saturday.

Israeli regime pushing region into new war: Hezbollah chief 

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has warned that the Israeli regime under “idiotic” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing the region into war.



Major Iranian oil company says oil at $60 a barrel could stabilize the energy market 

Oil prices near $60 a barrel could stabilize the energy market and signal for investors to invest and develop petroleum fields, according to a senior executive at a major Iranian state-owned oil company.

Iran to launch $1b refinery in Syria 

Iran’s Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is to launch a refinery in Syria, a RIPI official said.

Total nears deal to invest $10B in Iran’s petrochemical industry

After a $5 billion deal with Iran to develop its southern gas field, South Pars, reached in July, Total is now preparing to conclude another huge agreement with the Middle Eastern nation to develop its petrochemical industry.

Iran bans its companies transporting oil products from Iraqi Kurdistan 

Despite claims to stay the ‘eternal friend of Kurds’, Iran reportedly temporarily banned its companies transporting oil products from Iraqi Kurdistan.

US interior secretary hints at economic war on Iran 

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says Washington is now better placed to use its “economic dominance” to cut Iran’s oil revenues.



Wedding ceremony of Iranian acid victim goes viral 

A young Iranian girl disfigured in an acid attack back in 2014 has gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran’s social media.

International tourist train arrives in Shiraz 

Seventh international Hezar-o Yek Shab (One Thousand and One Night) tourist train arrived in Shiraz, southern Iran, on Thursday with 47 international tourists on board.

Kurdish lady to be appointed as Iran’s deputy interior minister 

Jila Sajjadi, a lady from the western city of Sanandaj in Iran’s Kurdistan province, is due to be appointed as the country’s Deputy Interior Minister and the Head of the Interior Ministry’s Applied Sciences and Technology Institution.

Muslims mark Ashura with mourning ceremonies 

In their millions, Muslims have started staging passionate mourning ceremonies in commemoration of the day in history that witnessed the martyrdom of the icon of sacrifice to the faithful.

Pres. Rouhani attends Ashura mourning at Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine

President Rouhani attended Ashura mourning ceremony at Shah-Abdol-Azim holy shrine and mourned for Imam Hossein (AS).