Iran envoy confers with Iraqi volunteer forces

IRNA – Iranian ambassador to Iraq on Sunday discussed the ways of boosting the Arba’een pilgrims’ security with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces.

Iraj Masjedi met with Abu Hassan al-Baldawi, an official affiliated to the ‘Nojaba Movement’, a faction within the Popular Mobilization Forces (al Hashd al-Sha’bi) in the Balad city, located at the Salah ad Din Governorate, north of Baghdad.

During the meeting, the Iranian envoy praised the efforts of ‘Nojaba Movement’ and its Secretary General Sheikh Akram al Ka’abi in fighting terrorism in Iraq.

‘Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the resistance groups and would also support the ‘Nojaba Movement’,’ Masjedi underlined.

Millions of Iraqis and the Muslims from the neighboring countries including Iran attend the Arba’een ceremonies, forty day after Ashura.