Maria Zakharova

Iran, Russia, Turkey trying to de-escalate tensions in Syria

IRNA – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that Moscow, Tehran and Ankara have regular contacts to de-escalate political and military tensions in Syria.

Talking to reporters on Thursday, Maria Zakharova added that despite wide-scale efforts by the hardliners in Syria to violate the agreements reached for Syria in the international arena in Astana and resume hostilities, the situation in the country is stable.

Peace guarantors in Syria including Russia, Turkey and Iran are in regular contact to coordinate measures to reduce tensions arising from military operations by the terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front, the official said.

To thwart the threats and prevent new provocative measures, Russian aerospace facilities have been utilized to stop terrorists’ operations in Syria and deal a heavy blow to them, she said, noting that the undertakings are performed successfully and terrorists sustain heavy casualties.

Russian official also called on all countries to forge real coordination and cooperation against terrorists so that they will be able to reach interaction for diplomatic settlement of Syrian crisis based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Moscow is ready for such a move and has on several occasions proved the claim, Zakharova said.

She also called on relevant parties to help reconstruction of civil infrastructures in the country and prepare the grounds for return of refugees and forced migrants to their home country.