Iran not affected by others about its defense program: Official

IRNA – Iran is determined to powerfully continue its missile and defense programs irrespective of the stances taken by other countries on the issue, senior Iranian official said on Tuesday.

The main responsibility of the Islamic Republic is to ensure security in the country and protect its territory and people, Chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an exclusive interview.

Kharrazi, commenting on the independence referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region on September 25, said disintegration of Iraq is of no benefit to either the people in the Iraqi Kurdistan or the region.

The plan to separate the region from Iraq is a Zionist policy, he said.

An independence referendum was approved by the Iraqi Kurdistan parliament despite harsh oppositions from the federal government in Baghdad, and warnings from neighboring countries on the repercussions.

‘The world is against disintegration of Iraq, but the Zionist regime supports independence in the Iraqi Kurdistan,’ said the official adding that such support indicates that ‘this is a Zionist-made plan’ to make the regional countries including Iraq and Syria smaller.

Kharrazi went on to say that disintegration of Iraq will lead to a regional crisis and aggravation of the existing conflicts.

He further urged the officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to seek authority within the framework of Iraq’s constitution.

Efforts are underway both from inside and outside Iraq to solve the existing problem between Baghdad and Erbil.