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Iraq’s Hakim criticizes Iraqi Kurd leaders’ referendum


IRNA — Head of the Iraqi National Alliance Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim strongly criticized the Iraqi Kurd leaders’ decision for holding referendum, saying that it is similar to Daesh stab in the back.

Addressing mourners for Imam Hossein (AS), third Shia Imam, on Sunday night, he severely criticized the region’s leaders for holding referendum in Kurdistan and violating the constitutional principles, saying that the referendum is doomed to failure.

Many efforts were made to convince them to give up the decision, but unilateral imposition of a view will get nowhere, he said.

In case of holding referendum, the Kurdistan’s people will suffer the most, he said, recalling that Iraqi Kurdistan Region has been built by the Iraqi money and oil.

Head of Iraqi Kurdistan ruling party, Masoud Barzani insists on holding referendum for independence on September 25 despite opposition from the country’s central government and international community.

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