Rouhani: Iran seeking to promote ties with friendly countries in post-JCPOA era

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday hailed the atmosphere created following the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying that Iran is seeking to advance its win-win policies and boost ties with friendly states in such a situation.

In a meeting with reporters late on Wednesday, he expressed pleasure over billions of dollars of foreign investments made following the nuclear deal, saying that Iran’s economic atmosphere reveals that the Iranian nation is optimistic about future.

Rouhani also said that Iran’s development is not possible without stability in the region and without fighting terrorism as development requires security and stability.

Iranian government has proved that it is serious in fighting terrorism and all the neighboring states admit that Iran has helped them in achieving security and stability, he said.

“In all our talks with leaders of the states, both economic, scientific and cultural ties and regional stability were at the center of attention. In all meetings, Iran urged boosting economic cooperation with friendly states,” he said.

Referring to massive turnout on May 19 presidential elections, Rouhani said that in the vote, the Iranian nation called for wide-scale ties with the world and security in the region.

“The 12th government is duty-bound to pursue the goals and my visit to New York and attending the UN General Assembly are aimed at following the objectives the nation declared,” he said.

Deploring the Myanmar catastrophe, he said that homes of 400,000 people have been set fire, prompting them to migrate to Bangladesh.

Rouhani put the total number of refugees at 800,000, saying that this is significant in terms of humanity.

Assisting the people and pressuring Myanmar government is one of the objectives pursued during the visit, the president said.

Asked about Iran’s stance if the US quits JCPOA, he said that nuclear deal is a collective accord between seven countries which was also approved by the other states, that’s to say, some 30 countries were engaged in the deal and UN Security Council also supported in Resolution 2231.

Any country starting to violate the deal has opted for isolation, he said, noting that JCPOA is not a bilateral agreement; rather it plays a crucial role in global and regional security.

Walking away from the deal will bring about nothing but disgrace, Rouhani said, noting that if the US quits the agreement, American nation and its allies as well as Europeans will not support it.

Nobody will be happy from the move except the hated regimes in the region, he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the chief executive said that if the US leaves the deal, Iran will adopt necessary measures.

If the US statesmen think that violation of JCPOA will mount pressure on Iran, they are totally mistaken, he said, noting, “We have many options for different situation and we have an open hand in the field.”

President said that accusing Iran of supporting terrorism is not something new but the question is that who created Taliban and supported Daesh? Who bought usurped oil of Daesh?

Asked about a meeting with Trump administration, Rouhani said that Iran negotiated a deal with the US years ago and the Americans now speak of quitting it, there is no reason to hold talks on other issues.

Neither Iran nor any other country will be ready for negotiations with the US, he said.

Trump has insulted the Iranian nation yesterday, he must apologize to the Iranian nation before anything, Rouhani said.

As to Yemenis’ plights, he deplored the situation in the impoverished state, saying that UN has remained silent over merciless attacks of Saudi Arabia on the country.