Veep: Trump’s UN speech rooted in his ill-mindedness

IRNA – First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Wednesday that the recent allegations made by US president at the UN about Iran were illogical, contradicted the existing realities and rooted in his ill-mindedness in terms of strategy and politics.

The speech delivered by Trump was not at the dignity of a head of a state, but in fact it was one statement against freedom and democracy to promote extremism and violence, he said.

Trump’s speech was an insult to the feelings and understanding of the world people as well as US people and intellectuals, he said.

The era for revival of militarism, violence and interfering in others’ affairs is over and developed world states are proud of their commitments to their pledges, he said.

Iranian people through casting their votes in ballot boxes indicated that they will make decision about their fate, he said, adding that the US should understand that the capability of Iranian people in dealing with violating pledges will be very high and the country is ready to deal with various scenarios at the same time.

Allegations made by the US president on distance between the Iranian government and its people is very ridiculous and has roots in confusion and contradiction of US president in words and deeds, he said.

The UN podium should be a place for promotion of peace, consolidation of security and international stability instead of a tool to pump violence, extremism and beating drum of war, Jahangiri said.

Labeling Iran as terrorist is ridiculous and baseless, he said adding confessions made by Trump and available documents indicate that the US and its allies have created terrorist and Takfiri groups, he said.

The world is well aware of the fact that the real sponsor of terrorism and Daesh in the region are the US and Zionist regime who try to find new partners, he said.

But today the real face of the US in fight against terrorism, Daesh and other terrorist groups is unmasked, he said.

Violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will disgrace the US, he said, adding that the IAEA is the only legitimate body to monitor and watch sound implementation of the JCPOA, Jahangiri said.

Last year, Washington witnessed Iran’s rapid success and developments in various economic and diplomatic fields both in the region and international scene; he said, adding that the reliance of the international community to Iran removed barriers for entrance of billions of dollars for foreign investment to the country.

Iran never initiates to violate the JCPOA and will remain committed to its pledges accordingly and will give a proper reaction to those violating the treaty, he said.

The JCPOA, proved that it is possible to resolve big challenges via negotiations and through peaceful means, he said, adding that the US cannot ignore the treaty one-sided as the move will defame them in observing international commitments.

Iran expects the international community to urge the US government and Trump to implement JCPOA and remain committed to its pledges to this end, Jahangiri said.